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3. April 2013

Aleister Crowley: Tagebuch eines Drogenabhängigen

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Aleister Crowley: Tagebuch eines Narren

Tagebuch eines Narren

Gerade erschien Aleister Crowley, Tagebuch eines Narren im Scipio Verlag, Radolfzell 2013, mit einem Cover von Dan Davis. Es handelt sich um die durchgesehen Fassung meiner Übersetzung von 1990 des Romans von Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend von 1922.




Tagebuch eines Drogenabhängigen

Tagebuch eines Drogenabhängigen, deutsche Übersetzung von Volker Grassmuck, a-verbal Verlag, Berlin 1990. Neuauflage 1999. ISBN 978-3-88999-007-5.

Übersetzung von: Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend, 1922. Neuauflagen 1970 und 2004. ISBN 978-1585092451.

Auf The Libri of Aleister Crowley finden sich viele seiner Werke im Volltext.


28. April 2011

@Brazilian Minister of Culture: Enough is Enough!

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Ever since Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff appointed Ana de Hollanda as new Minister of Culture in December 2010, the situation has been escalating. There was a first Open Letter by the Brazilian civil society at the end of December and another one by the international free culture and commons movement in February, asking for a continuation of the impressive free culture policies initiated under Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil. Now an even broader coalition from all wakes of Brazilian culture, from academia and the Internet community and from all parts of the country are calling on President Rousseff to put an end to Ana de Hollanda’s grotesque policy activities and live up to her election campaign promises. At the time of writing, the letter has already received more than 1,200 signatures. Here is an English translation of the Open Letter published on 21 April 2011:


29. Dezember 2010

Open Letter by the Brazilian civil society to President-elect Roussef and Minister of Culture Ana Buarque de Hollanda

Letter of civil society representatives to President Roussef and Minister of Culture Ana Buarque de Hollanda, 28 December 2010

(English translation of the Carta de representantes da sociedade civil à Presidente Dilma Roussef e à Ministra da Cultura Ana Buarque de Hollanda)

We, the undersigned individuals and organizations from civil society, in this letter express expectations and tasks for the formulation of public policies for culture, giving a warm welcome to Minister Ana de Hollanda, the first woman to hold the position.

We write in order to cooperate with your administration that is about to begin, as we have done over the past eight years with the Ministry of Culture, assured that President Dilma Rousseff wishes that the policies and guidance that have earned the Ministry relevance, prominence and broad support from civil society, be continued and expanded.


29. Juli 2010

English Translation of the Brazilian Copyright Bill Currently in Public Consultation

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Law No. 9610 of 19 February 1998,
on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights

Consolidated with the Bill in Public Consultation since 14 June 20101

English version 1.0, 26 July 2010

This unofficial translation has been prepared by
Bráulio Santos Rabelo de Araújo and Volker Ralf Grassmuck of GPOPAI, USP.
The sections of Law No. 9610 not modified by the Bill are based
on the translation provided by the World Intellectual Property Organisation.2



30. Mai 2010

Uma exceção ao direito autoral para remunerar pelo compartilhamento de arquivos

A tradução de „A Copyright Exception for Monetizing File-Sharing. A proposal for balancing user freedom and author remuneration in the Brazilian copyright law reform“ por Bráulio Santos Rabelo de Araújo for publicado no site do GPOPAI.

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