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19. Oktober 2009

Free Reading

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IMG_1224Free and/or gratis Culture can be found in many places in Brazil even where you wouldn’t even think of it, like in the subway. IMG_1225The Free Library gives commuters something to think about.

18. Oktober 2009

Welcome Dinner

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The day after my arrival in São Paulo my new working group, the Grupo de Pesquisa em Políticas Públicas para o Acesso à Informação (Gpopai) welcomed me with a dinner. Open Access in physics, vegetarianism, right wing tendencies in the animal rights movement and, of course, copyright were among the topics discussed.


17. Oktober 2009

Tux on the fly

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IMG_1201Shortly before my KLM 747 landed in São Paulo yesterday the in-flight entertainment system crashed. And re-booted. And up comes not what you would have expected but a friendly Tux. No Flying-Bluescreen but free software above the skies.

Click image for larger version.

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