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16. November 2013

Brazil’s Marco Civil about to be voted in Parliament

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The much applauded Brazilian legislative project for an Internet Bill of Rights is about to enter its decisive phase in the House of Representatives. The Marco Civil da Internet had it ups and downs. A devastating cyber-crime bill introduced by senator Eduardo Azeredo had triggered a wave of protests in 2009. This in turn, led to an innovative, broad, participatory process of drafting a counter-bill guaranteeing fundamental rights on the Internet that was conducted by the Ministry of Justice in partnership with the Center for Technology and Society of the Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School in Rio de Janeiro. The first round of public consultations at the end of 2009 served to identify issues to be dealt with. The draft bill based on the more than 800 contributions was published for public consultation in spring 2010. The administration of President Dilma Rousseff approved the bill and sent it to Congress in August 2011. There it has been postponed and watered down eversince. Especially the net neutrality rules met with resistance by the powerful telcos. Meanwhile, the Lei Azeredo was passed in April 2013.

It took Edward Snowden’s leaks to bring the Marco Civil draft back on track. „In addition to the re-installment of old guarantees aspired for by civil society organisations, the post-Snowden Marco Civil also embodies the reaction of Brazil’s government to the NSA mass surveillance,“ writes Monika Ermert on Intellectual Property Watch. She also presents an English language translation of the current text of the bill, prepared by Carolina Rossini, Project Director for the Latin America Resource Center at the Internet Governance and Human Rights programme at the New America Foundation’s OTI.

Voting on the Marco Civil is again scheduled for next week. It is feared that it sufferes the same fate as the similarly progressive Brazilian Copyright Bill, the drafting and public deliberations on which had started in 2005 already, that was delayed countless times and is now schedulded to be voted in 2015. But there is still hope that the indignation over practices by the NSA and US corporations will create the political will and momentum to finally approve the Marco Civil.

9. Juni 2013

Atul Chitnis, RIP

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Atul Chitnis

Atul Chitnis

It was for no particular reason that on Monday, 3d of June, I picked the „“ t-shirt from the pile. Or so I thought. When next day I received an e-mail from Harald Welte informing me that Atul Chitnis (on Wikipedia, on LinkeIn) had succumbed to cancer on Monday morning, I realized that my choice of t-shirt hadn’t been by chance.

„Technology For A Free World“ is the subtitle on the shirt and the battle-call that had brought Atul and me together. He had invited me to give a talk on the knowledge commons at Linux Bangalore 2001, the first in his series of conferences that would change the Indian tech landscape. I was more than happy to reciprocate and invited him to Berlin for the Wizards of OS 3 in 2004 and to the Wizards of OS 4 in 2006. Linux Bangalore in 2005 widened its scope and became FOSS.IN. Atul invited both Harald and me to an unforgetable FOSS.IN 2005.

Through our encounters in Berlin, where Atul was born, and in Bangalore and Goa I got to know and respect him as a kind, sharing and hospitable friend, a passionate technologist and an impressive mover of massive projects. Up to his last days, Atul was tweeting, and, as Harald told me, planning for FOSS.IN 2013 and working on three books at the same time.

While fond memories of our encounters and conversations keep surfacing, my thoughts go out to Atul’s wife and daughter and to his mother. His personal motto was „You aren’t remembered for doing what is expected of you.“ No, Atul you won’t. You will be remembered as the amazing guy you were and for using your skills and visions to a create a free world.


The memories of Atul’s brother Arun, posted on June 8, 2013

20. Mai 2013

Hyperkult XXII: Standards, Normen, Protokolle, 4.-6. Juli 2013

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Die 22. Hyperkult steht vor der Tür. Dieses Mal zum Thema „Standards, Normen, Protokolle“. Welche Rolle spielen Standards, Normen und Protokolle für die Strukturbildung der Nächsten Gesellschaft? Sind Protokolle nicht vielleicht doch ihre wichtigsten Medien, und der lange Marsch durch die Institutionen müsste heute durch die Normungskommissionen verlaufen? Welche Bedeutung haben das W3C, welche die ICANN, die WIPO? Wo, bitteschön, scheint denn eine neue Anarchie auf, die alle diese verknöcherten Regularien, wenigstens für kurze Zeit, zum Teufel schickte?

Mit Vorträgen unter anderem von Claus Pias: Protokollfragen, Ned Rossiter: Logistical Worlds: Command and Control, Exodus and Invention, Rolf Großmann: MIDI-Geschichte(n), Andrea Knaut: Normindividualität, Jens-Martin Loebel: „Mühlendamm Schleuse, bitte kommen!“ Die Geschichte der Vollzugsordnung für den Funkdienst als soziales Protokoll, Agata Królikowski: Standardisierte Überwachung und Wolfgang Coy: „Was die technische Welt im Innersten zusammen hält“.

Standards, Normen, Protokolle

4.-6. Juli 2013

Centre for Digital Cultures
Medien- und Informationszentrum und
Institut für Kultur und Ästhetik digitaler Medien der
Leuphana Universität Lüneburg

„Alte Post“ in der Sülztorstr. 21-25
21335 Lüneburg

19. April 2013

„Alternative distribution models in the digital environment”, Riga, 23 April

The seminar „Alternative distribution models of works protected by copyright in the digital environment” will take place on 23 April 2013 from 9:30 – 14:00 at Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA), Architecture and Media Centre “H2O 6” (Riga, Ūdens iela 6). It is oranised by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia in cooperation with the British Council in the context of Creative Action Week “Create!” (22 to 28 April).

Application by 19 April here.
A live-stream will be available here.

The seminar-discussion will be devoted to tendencies of copyright in the current digital environment. The local and foreign experts will discuss the alternative distribution models of music and e-books online providing their easy accessibility, on one hand, and fair remuneration to the authors, on the other hand. The topics presented by the experts will include: possibility to introduce so-called culture flat-rate for the use of culture products; current tendencies of management of online music rights in Europe, the role of the collective management organisations therein and others.

Participants include Žaneta Jaunzeme-Grende, Minister of Culture; Magda Papēde, doctoral candidate of the University of Freiburg (Germany); Guna Zučika, manager of the band “Brainstorm”; Uldis Zariņš, head of Strategic development unit of the National Library of Latvia; Ilona Tomsone and Rihards Gulbis, Legal Advisors on copyright, Ministry of Culture and myself.

19. Februar 2013

„TPB AFK“ – Simon Klose’s documentary about The Pirate Bay out now

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tpbafkThe Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard,  a close encounter with the three founders of the world’s largest peer-to-peer file-sharing site, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and synchronuously on the Net on 8 February. Now, the film can be watched and bought at its official site and torrented at — where else — The Pirate Bay.

„One reason for making this film was that I couldn’t relate to the media industry’s claim that sharing files was a threat to creativity. To me, the unrestricted access to culture was the very spark in the online revolution, where every imaginable artistic expression exploded with creativity.“ (Director’s Statement)


23. Oktober 2012

Digitalia 2013, Salvador da Bahia, 1-5 February 2013

DigitaliaDigitalia 2013
Salvador da Bahia
1-5 February 2013

After a grandiose start in 2012, the music-based digital culture conference and festival Digitalia goes into its second year. It is part of an ambitious endeavor that includes research, education, publications, numerous events and the establishment of a Centre for Digital Music and Culture. Digitalia is organised by the social network Audiosfera and the research group of the same name, hosted at the Institute of Humanities, Arts and Sciences Professor Milton Santos at the Federal University of Bahia under the direction of Messias Bandeira. I’m honored to have been invited as one of the curators of Digitalia.

Next year’s themes are: Music and digital culture; economy of online music; copyrights, music and digital culture; music, digital culture and innovation; transversalities. For more details see (in Portuguese):

Chamada de Trabalhos (Call for Contributions), open till 15 November 2012.

22. Oktober 2012

Symposion „Verantwortung übernehmen. Mitten in der Turing-Galaxis, 2.-3.11.12 Berlin

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Verantwortung übernehmen
Mitten in der Turing-Galaxis

Symposion des Fachbereichs »Informatik und Gesellschaft« der GI

2. – 3.11.2012
Malzfabrik Berlin
Bessemerstraße 2-14

Informatiksysteme sind keine rein technischen, sie müssen in ihren gesellschaftlichen Kontexten geplant, entworfen und konstruiert werden. Es liegt in der Verantwortung der Informatik, sich mit den Zielen, Wirkungen und Folgen der von ihr gebauten Systeme auseinander zu setzen. Das gilt insbesondere im Hinblick auf die technisierte Gesellschaft in der »Turing-Galaxis«.

Der Fachbereich »Informatik und Gesellschaft« lädt Sie am 2. und 3. November zu einem zweitägigen Symposion ein, um über gesellschaftliche Dimensionen von Informatiksystemen und ihre Bedeutung für die Disziplin Informatik zu sprechen.

23. August 2012

Video-on-Demand Plattformen: die der Privatfunker kartellrechtlich untersagt, die öffentlich-rechtliche weiter offen

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Die von ProSiebenSat.1 und RTL geplante Online-Video-Plattform „Amazonas“ ist auch im zweiten Anlauf am Kartellrecht gescheitert. Die Entscheidung über die VoD-Plattform von ARD, ZDF und TV-Produzenten unter dem Arbeitstitel „Germany’s Gold“ steht noch aus.


22. August 2012

Konferenz: Vergüten statt verfolgen

Raetsel_Urheberrecht_Horia_Varlan_flickr_CC_BY_20_320x240Am 31. August und 1. September findet in den Berliner Uferstudios (Badstraße 41, 13357 Berlin-Wedding) die Grüne Urheberrechtsfachtagung „Vergüten statt verfolgen“ statt. Das ausführliche Programm gibt es hier (PDF).

Zu den Vortragenden gehören Wolfgang Blau, Jeanette Hofmann, Markus Beckedahl und Olaf Zimmermann. Am Samstag, 1. September, 14:00 – 16:00 Uhr, werde ich, moderiert von Tabea Rößner, mit Gisela Schmalz, Helga Trüpel, Gerald Spindler und Tim Renner über „Alternative Vergütungsansätze und zeitgemäße Finanzierungsmodelle“ sprechen, m.a.W. über die Tauschlizenz.

Die Veranstaltung wird vom Bundesvorstand von BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN zusammen mit den Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaften Kultur, Medien und Netzpolitik, Demokratie und Recht, Bildung und Wissenschaft sowie Hochschule und Technik organisiert.

17. Juni 2012

Marieke van Schijndel und Joost Smiers: „No Copyright“ auf Deutsch erschienen

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Smier-No-CopyrightMarieke van Schijndel und Joost Smiers, NO COPYRIGHT. Vom Machtkampf der Kulturkonzerne um das Urheberrecht. Eine Streitschrift. Aus dem Niederländischen von Ilja Braun. Mit einem Nachwort von Jürgen Marten, Alexander Verlag 2012.

Joost wird seine Thesen in Berlin diskutieren:

Datum: 26. Juni 2012 um 20 h
Ort: HBC, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9, Berlin
(Eingang über die Terrasse im 1. Stock)
Eintritt 2 Euro

Das Erscheinen des Originals „Imagine there’s no copyright and no cultural conglomerates too“, 2009 beim Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam wurde hier bereits vermerkt.

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