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26. August 2010

Remix: „Double Rainbow“ by Hungrybear9562

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Another mind-blowing story from the world of collective creativity.

On 4 July 2010, a new Internet video went viral. Hungrybear9562 was most literally blown away by a double rainbow he saw on 8 January 2010. So were YouTubers when the video hit, by both the rainbow he had recorded and by his ecstatic commentry. The video got 3,1 million hits in 8 days. It inspired dozens of re-enactments and re-mixes, and it crossed the threshold to mainstream media. Here’s the original:

„Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10“

I first came across it on the German blog Spreeblick under the search term „remix„, where it is headlined „Die neue Anti-Drogen-Kampagne der Bundesregierung“ ,-) The new anti-drug campaigne of the Federal Government. (Johnny Haeusler | 15.07.2010 um 15:11). The comments have links to more exemplares.

Hungrybear9562’s video inspired food, car etc. related re-enactments, like these.

Double Rainbow in cereals:

Double Cheeseburger:

Double Rainbow sandwhich bar:

It also inspired artistic re-mixes and re-enactments, like these.

On 5 July 2010, PrestonMakiWamsley responded with his song version:

On 6 July 2010, schmoyoho uploaded this song version:

By 15 July 2010, Double Rainbow had become so much part of the collective pool of creative expressions, that actress Ceciley does it as a monologue, auditioning for the part of Electra:

On 11 July 2010, found the Double Rainbow Man, telling the story:

Where there is success, there are not only re-mixers but also those who overstep the limits of the unwritten social contract. But not with Hungrybear9562!

„Twitter Thief, Imposter. I found you out. I’m coming after you. Stop Now!!!“

To be continued …


  1. […] Um exemplo muito legal da dinâmica da cultura remix na rede é esta seqüência feita por Volker Grassmuck, um pesquisador alemão que atualmente está dando aula como professor visitante na USP, sobre o caso Double Rainbow, um vídeo caseiro que se transformou em viral, teve mais de 3 milhões de hits em oito dias, e serviu de inspiração para uma série de remix, nos mais variados estilos. Clique aqui para conferir. […]

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  2. The song remix by schmoyoho with the vocoder is quite impressive. On the other hand, Hungrybear9562 handed the template on a plate ;).

    But when it comes to Youtube remakes, Chad After Dentist (remake of David After Dentist) still is my absolute favorite. 🙂

    Kommentar by micu — 6. Januar 2011 @ 10:59

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