9. November 2015

„Kollaboration“ nein danke

In den vergangenen fünfzehn Jahren macht sich die Rede von der „kollaborativen“ Erstellung von freiem Wissen breit. Der Pädagoge und Migrationsforscher Mark Terkessidis möchte „Kollaboration“ zum „ethischen Leitprinzip“ der Gesellschaft machen und Wikimedia hat gemeinsam mit der Berliner Gazette in ihrem „ABC des Freien Wissens“ den Buchstaben K mit „Kollaboration“ belegt. Gegen diese geschichtsvergessene Verwendung des Wortes argumentiert der folgende Text.

Volker Grassmuck
Langfassung eines Textes für Berliner Gazette, 14.11.15

Paris,_der_Kollaboration_beschuldigte_Französinnen. Wikimedia Commons, Bundesarchiv, CC-BY-SA 3.0

Paris, der Kollaboration beschuldigte Französinnen. Wikimedia Commons, Bundesarchiv, CC-BY-SA 3.0


21. Oktober 2015

Gegen “Kollaboration”

Das Wikimedia ABC des Freien Wissens hat den Buchstaben K ausgerechnet mit “Kollaboration” belegt. Das forderte einen Einspruch – da ich an der Veranstaltung am 08. Oktober 2015 nicht teilnehmen konnte, per Videobeitrag:

Was sind die Motivationen und Rahmenbedingungen für das gemeinsame Erstellen von freiem Wissen? Das war die eigentliche und wichtige Frage des Abends, zu der die Diskussionsteilnehmer sicher Kluges und Nützliches hätten beitragen können. Stattdessen verstieg sich die Diskussion in eine heillose Verwirrung über ein untauglichen Wort. (weiterlesen…)

18. Juli 2013

The Sharing Turn: Why We are Generally Nice and Have a Good Chance to Cooperate Our Way Out of the Mess We Have Gotten Ourselves into

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Grassmuck, Volker Ralf, The Sharing Turn: Why We are Generally Nice and Have a Good Chance to Cooperate Our Way Out of the Mess We Have Gotten Ourselves into (August 18, 2012). Available at SSRN:

Published in: Wolfgang Sützl, Felix Stalder, Ronald Maier, Theo Hug (Eds.): Cultures and Ethics of Sharing / Kulturen und Ethiken des Teilens, Innsbruck University Press 2012 ISBN 978-3-902811-74-5

After a period of neoliberal blind faith in the power of economic self-interest and of austerity to tackle its catastrophic effects, we are re-discovering our more pleasant sides. There is currently a surge of interest in sharing – in research in various developmental sciences, in popular debate and most of all in practice. This paper proposes that our society is undergoing a Sharing Turn that has its roots in human nature and in cultural history, is media-technologically enabled by networked computers and is fueled by the rising anger over societal systems that fail to serve the public in- terest. It attempts to set out some of the roots, diverse manifestations and dynamics of this para- digmatic shift, and it expresses hope that the ‘trending’ values of sharing and cooperating will change the world for the better.

Keywords: sharing, cooperation, commons, res universitatis, knowledge commons, commons-based peer-production, evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary biology, homo economicus, scacity, abundance, free software, OA, OER

9. Juni 2013

Atul Chitnis, RIP

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Atul Chitnis

Atul Chitnis

It was for no particular reason that on Monday, 3d of June, I picked the “″ t-shirt from the pile. Or so I thought. When next day I received an e-mail from Harald Welte informing me that Atul Chitnis (on Wikipedia, on LinkeIn) had succumbed to cancer on Monday morning, I realized that my choice of t-shirt hadn’t been by chance.

“Technology For A Free World” is the subtitle on the shirt and the battle-call that had brought Atul and me together. He had invited me to give a talk on the knowledge commons at Linux Bangalore 2001, the first in his series of conferences that would change the Indian tech landscape. I was more than happy to reciprocate and invited him to Berlin for the Wizards of OS 3 in 2004 and to the Wizards of OS 4 in 2006. Linux Bangalore in 2005 widened its scope and became FOSS.IN. Atul invited both Harald and me to an unforgetable FOSS.IN 2005.

Through our encounters in Berlin, where Atul was born, and in Bangalore and Goa I got to know and respect him as a kind, sharing and hospitable friend, a passionate technologist and an impressive mover of massive projects. Up to his last days, Atul was tweeting, and, as Harald told me, planning for FOSS.IN 2013 and working on three books at the same time.

While fond memories of our encounters and conversations keep surfacing, my thoughts go out to Atul’s wife and daughter and to his mother. His personal motto was “You aren’t remembered for doing what is expected of you.” No, Atul you won’t. You will be remembered as the amazing guy you were and for using your skills and visions to a create a free world.


The memories of Atul’s brother Arun, posted on June 8, 2013

19. Dezember 2011

LiMux: Munich goes Free Software

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LiMuxlogoMunich’s LiMux project announced that on 12.12.2011 the 9,000th PC workstation in the city’s administration was migrated to the new LiMux Client, putting the project ahead of its schedule. With a few exceptions all MS Office suits have been uninstalled and replaced with OpenOffice. The migration of the remaining 3,000 workstations will be concluded in 2012. For a background story on the project that was initiated in 2003 see:

Update: Joe Karaganis also revisited our 2005 book and the conclusions drawn: Learning from LiMux, 20 December 2011.

13. September 2011

The Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest

The multi-stakeholder Global Congress, convened in Washington, DC on 25-27 August 2011, issued The Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest. A powerful statement for the public welfare purposes, such as education and health, that all legal protection of immaterial creations and inventions serves. Read, discuss and sign the Declaration here. Point to it. Make it come alive in your daily policy work. (weiterlesen…)

23. Mai 2011

Global Congress on Public Interest Intellectual Property Law

On 25-27 August 2011 the American University Washington College of Law in Washington DC will host a Global Congress, no less. If you want to participate in “one of the most important meetings on international intellectual property law and policy of the year” register here.

The goal of the meeting is to foster a broad dialogue concerning policy options and action oriented proposals in support of the formation of positive agendas for public interest intellectual property law on the global stage.


4. Februar 2011


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Zu Kunst und Recht der Re-Kreativität (März 2009)
Volker Grassmuck

erschienen in: Odin Kroeger, Günther Friesinger, Paul Lohberger und Eberhard Ortland, Hg., Geistiges Eigentum und Originalität: Zur Politik der Wissens- und Kulturproduktion, pp. 199-213, Wien: Turia + Kant, 2011.


8. Dezember 2010

Richard Stallman on the Sharing Licence in Brazil

Richard Stallman today published an Open Letter to Brazil’s President Elect Dilma Rousseff and the Citizens of Brazil. The founder of the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation congratulates Brazil on its readiness to introduce the freedom to file-share into copyright law. He proposes improvements to ensure that the levy goes to authors and artists rather than to companies and to avoid favoring superstars. He also suggests a mechanism for incentivizing foreign artists to work for the adoption of the Sharing Licence in their own country.

The Open Letter is published on Richard’s website in English and in Portuguese (translated by Pablo Hess, with support by Alexandre Oliva). Also see the campaign website for the Sharing Licence and sign the petition to ensure that the „momentous improvement” of the freedom to share in copyright law will actually happen.

17. Oktober 2009

Tux on the fly

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IMG_1201Shortly before my KLM 747 landed in São Paulo yesterday the in-flight entertainment system crashed. And re-booted. And up comes not what you would have expected but a friendly Tux. No Flying-Bluescreen but free software above the skies.

Click image for larger version.

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