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7. Juni 2015

„Postcolonial Piracy“ online

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Postcolonial_PiracyThe anthology Postcolonial Piracy. Media distribution and cultural production in the global south, edited by Lars Eckstein and Anja Schwarz from Potsdam University, is out. It was published by Bloomsbury in late 2014 whom Lars and Anja convinced to do so under a CC licence. The book says BY-NC-SA while the university website says BY-NC-ND and the Bloomsbury website doesn’t say anything at all.  Bloomsbury presents the book in „PDF page image format“ as „Bloomsbury Open Access“, telling the reader: „The pages are provided here to facilitate browsing. If intending to read in full, you may prefer to download the original PDF,“ but not providing an opportunity to download. Anyway, it is available for download as postprint at the University Potsdam.

The collection comes out of a conference under the same title in December 2011 in Berlin. It includes my contribution „On the Benefits of Piracy“, pre-published under the title „A Proposal for Legalizing Small-Scale Physical Copyright Piracy Book Publishing, Video Films and Music in Developing Countries“.

Table of Contents (more…)

23. Oktober 2012

Digitalia 2013, Salvador da Bahia, 1-5 February 2013

DigitaliaDigitalia 2013
Salvador da Bahia
1-5 February 2013

After a grandiose start in 2012, the music-based digital culture conference and festival Digitalia goes into its second year. It is part of an ambitious endeavor that includes research, education, publications, numerous events and the establishment of a Centre for Digital Music and Culture. Digitalia is organised by the social network Audiosfera and the research group of the same name, hosted at the Institute of Humanities, Arts and Sciences Professor Milton Santos at the Federal University of Bahia under the direction of Messias Bandeira. I’m honored to have been invited as one of the curators of Digitalia.

Next year’s themes are: Music and digital culture; economy of online music; copyrights, music and digital culture; music, digital culture and innovation; transversalities. For more details see (in Portuguese):

Chamada de Trabalhos (Call for Contributions), open till 15 November 2012.

7. Januar 2012

„Uma exceção ao direito autoral para monetizar o compartilhamento de arquivos“

11_Repensando_Musica_AuditorioO Centro de Estudos do Auditório Ibirapuera de São Paulo publicou dois livros em agosto do ano passado: o primeiro número da Revista Auditório e a edição especial Repensando Música. Leia mais na página do Auditório.

O segundo livro contém meu artigo: „Uma exceção ao direito autoral para monetizar o compartilhamento de arquivos“, tradução de Raquel Setz

6. Dezember 2011

DIGITALIA – Congresso Internacional de Música e Cultura Digital, em Salvador da Bahia, 1-4 fevereiro 2012

O DIGITALIA – Congresso Internacional de Música e Cultura Digital pretende reunir, em Salvador, de 1o a 4 de fevereiro de 2012, diversas iniciativas que relacionam o campo da música às novas tecnologias da informação e da comunicação, notadamente aquelas conformadas pela chamada Cultura Digital. O congresso está articulado sobre três eixos: de pesquisa, de formação e de integração.

O Digitalia é promovido pela comunidade Audiosfera, uma rede social dedicada à relação entre música e cultura digital, tendo como âncora o grupo de pesquisa de mesmo nome, hospedado no Instituto de Humanidades, Artes e Ciências Prof. Milton Santos (IHAC), da Universidade Federal da Bahia.

10. Mai 2011

Vom Kopf auf die Füße. Für eine Kulturwende

Folgender Artikel erschien in Schwerpunkt Musik & Internet der Zeitschrift Melodie & Rhythmus, Heft 3/2011 und wird hier mit der freundlichen Genehmigung des Herausgebers wiedergegeben.

In der Debatte um Kultur wedelt der Schwanz mit dem Hund. Das Recht der Urheber dient den Verwertern. Wenn die Politik von Kunst redet, meint sie Arbeitsplätze und Steuereinnahmen. Der Widerspruch zwischen den massenmedialen Strukturen des 20. Jahrhunderts und der Peer-to-Peer-Vernetzung des 21. wird immer größer. Die Energiewende macht hoffen, dass ein Umdenken auch hier möglich ist.


28. April 2011

Rethink Music: My ACS Panel Notes

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This is the extended version of my talk notes for the Alternative Compensation Systems panel at Rethink Music on 27 April 2011 in Boston, MA. For some impressions from the conference in general see here. The video recording of our panel — Terry Fisher as moderator, Larry Lessig, Jim Griffin, Ronaldo Lemos et moi — is embedded at the end of the text.


Rethink Music? Think again.

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your entertainment

The Rethink Music conference on 27 April 2011 in Boston, MA, brought little new thinking. A highlight for me was the Canadian indie rock band Metric, saying things like: „Let the music go and monetize scale.“ Singer Emily Haines, guitarist Jimmy Shaw and manager Matt Drouin re-told the band’s history from mortgaging their house via getting Canadian public support for the arts for touring to lunches with industry, leading them to the conclusion: „What we need is fans.“ The one-on-one relationship in concerts and on social networks is the organic way musicians work. „Respect your fans and let them do the marketing for you.“


20. April 2011

Rethink Music Conference Update

Next week, 25-27 April the Rethink Music conference will take place in Boston, MA, USA. The Berkman Center has just published a great collection of papers as Briefing Book for the conference. It includes one by Yochai Benkler entitled „Voluntary Payment Models.“ This is a summary of a paper whose publication I had been looking forward to ever since I learned about it: Leah Belsky, Byron Kahr, Max Berkelhammer and Yochai Benkler, Everything in Its Right Place: Social Cooperation and Artist Compensation, 17 MIch. telecoMM. tech. l. Rev. 1 (2010). The core finding of their empirical study: In a voluntary pay-what-you-like CC-licensed environment like Magnatune artists earn more than with forced fixed price like on iTunes.

I will be on a panel on „Alternative compensation schemes“ with Jim Griffin, Ronaldo Lemos and Larry Lessig moderated by Terry Fisher. If you’re there come by and join the fun. You can follow the event on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


25. Januar 2011

Conference „Rethink Music“: 25-27 April 2011, Boston


Berklee College of Music and MIDEM debut the Rethink Music Conference

In association with Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and Harvard Business School, Rethink Music will examine the business and rights challenges facing the music industry in the digital era and formulate solutions to promote the creation and distribution of new music and other creative works.

The Call for Papers ends at the end of January.

27. November 2010

New Momentum for Culture Flat-Rate in NL and DE

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Dutch artists unions and consumer association call for legalizing uploads in exchange for an Internet levy. A German study shows that half of Internet users favor a culture flat-rate. (more…)

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