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26. Mai 2011

@eG8: The Internet is already civilized, thank you

eG8„Despite the huge PR campaign surrounding the “eG8 forum”, citizens and civil society must hold their ground to reclaim a free Internet and its social and democratic values. A club of corporation CEOs (Publicis, Facebook, Orange, Google) is going to Deauville, pretending to carry the message of the Internet to the heads of States. There is one answer to this take-over: the Internet is ours!“ (via La Quadrature du Net)

Leading um to the G8’s Internet summit hosted by Sarkozy, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Elder Statesman Eric Schmidt, Groupon’s Andrew Mason, NewsCorp’s Rupert Murdoch, Ebay’s John Donahoe and others from the IT sector met to fomulate their wishlist to the Heads of State. We need to let them know what we want.

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Addendum 31.5.11


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