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A Licence to End the War on Sharing (presentation at the Free Culture Forum 2010)

This is my presentation at the second Free Culture Forum on 29 October in Barcelona. You can watch the video recording (ogg, starting at 00:12:00), look at my slides (pdf) and read the slightly edited text here: ~~~ Thanks for… Mehr lesen >

„Zugang“ / «Доступ», Goethe-Institut Moskau, 20.11.2010

Am 20. November von 17:00-19:00 Uhr MEZ (19:00-21:00 Uhr Moskauer Zeit, im Strelka-Institut, Zugang nur mit persönlicher Einladung) veranstaltet das Goethe-Institut Moskau unter dem Titel „Zugang“ eine Diskussion zu den Themen Netzpolitik, Kultur-Flatrate, Lizenzmodelle, Open Access und Creative Commons. Es… Mehr lesen >

A Copyright Exception for Monetizing File-Sharing. A proposal for balancing user freedom and author remuneration in the Brazilian copyright law reform

Request for Comments Draft, 18.3.2010 Volker Ralf Grassmuck* Licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA BR 3.0 Licence1 File-sharing has become wide-spread media cultural practice since Napster was launched in 1999. The response by the copyright industry has been repression. This… Mehr lesen >